Parents Autistic Alliance Network


The Parents Autistic Alliance Network was started in 2020 with the goal of uniting parents of Autistic children who seek to build an alliance with the Autistic community and promote their self-advocacy work. As parents of a child “on the spectrum” who had an early diagnosis, we have been on a journey to educate ourselves about neurodiversity from Autistic authors, artists, educators, bloggers and others. Our goal is to provide a network for parents who are seeking to do the same. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

We Believe in the intelligence of Autistic individuals and affirm their ability to overcome life’s obstacles.

We Believe that autism is not a disorder or something to be cured, but part of the neurodiversity essential to a healthy society.

We Believe that non-speaking Autistic individuals often have some of the most important things to say and need to be heard.

We Believe that Autistic individuals should be valued and treated equally and given the same rights and opportunities in society as the neurotypical populace. 

As allies, We Believe in the right of Autistic people to advocate for themselves and support our children’s autonomy to do so.