Book Club

The PAAN book club reads and discusses books written by Autistic authors, not books written about autism by neurotypical authors. The club explores books written by such authors as Emily Faith Gordon, Elizabeth J. Grace, Naoki Higashida, Ido Kedar, and Amy Sequenzia.

Stream Chat

PAAN hosts live chats for Autistic media screenings. We are not interested in cure-based media or content that focuses on deficiencies. We instead host group streams of film, music, and other content that celebrates the Autistic community while educating non-Autistic parents.

Meet Up

PAAN offers opportunities to organize, coordinate, and promote age-appropriate social events for families. Events will encourage centering Autistic children’s interests, allowing parents to bond over their children’s shared passions. Meet up events will likely commence in 2022 due to COVID-19.